ofbeaton’s WoW Alt Guide

This Google Spreadsheet features per-class recommendations for:

  • Specialization
  • Talents
  • Glyphs
  • Stat priorities
  • Heirloom gear (with cost calculator)
  • Enchants

For the fastest leveling experience. I’ve compiled this information into one convenient location from my own experience in the world, popular websites (looking at you icy-veins) and forum posts. You can also use the heirloom cost calculator by making a copy of the spreadsheet into your own google account and modifying specific cells in the tabs to get total summary of costs in Gold, Honor, Seals and Tickets.

Use the link bellow to access the latest version of the spreadsheet:

Download ofbeaton’s Alt Guide 0.5.0-beta+6.2

Last Updated: Wednesday, Sep 30, 2015 for WoW 6.2.2

I will always keep this page up to date with a link to the latest version.

It took hundreds of hours (not exaggerating) to make the guide, and while I no longer play the game or update it as often, if you found it useful, please consider paying the suggested price of $2.50. Your support is greatly appreciated.


The 0.5.0+6.2 version adds the Holy path for Paladin, as well as the new Heirloom Int Plate, Rings and Trinkets.